PN: 507083

Coffee Latte Crackers

New Prodcut Launched!
No water added & 100% percent milk. 

Package : 320g/bag
Shelf life : 12 months
Type of diet :  Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian
The “Classic Cookies” are the earliest developed products.
The complex processes and natural additives give you a simple, yet healthy flavor.

The crispy, but not hard texture further enhances the taste after the cookies are baked.
Thinly sliced and crispy fresh milk crackers 100% pure milk with coffee flavour.
The scent of cookies in the air is drawn out from the finest coffee powder.
Their unique coffee aroma and milk taste make them appetizing beyond belief.
No added water to remain thick & creamy.
Flavor is slowly dispersed to absolutely satisfy your taste buds.
A delicious, healthy, worry-free snack.