PN: 507091

Black Cereal Crackers

2020 New Launch
Contain five black materials
Soft and moist with a savoury cereal and seaweed taste

Package : 320g/bag

Shelf life : 9 months
Type of diet :  Lacto Vegetarian
The “Classic Cookies” are the earliest developed products.
The complex processes and natural additives give you a simple, yet healthy flavor.

High quality cereals and seaweed, crisp hard taste.
Vegetarians favorite.
Special selection of materials are healthy and natural, including black bean, black sticky rice, sesame, whole rye, dried black fungus and seaweed.
Evenly baked in a tunnel oven, the natural and rich cereal aroma is fully released.
The mesmerizing smell and non-greasy taste makes black cereal crackers the perfect snack!