PN: 505012

Butter Biscuits

Package :
Chocolate Butter Biscuits 86g/Acrylic Container
Cranberry Butter Biscuits 80g/Acrylic Container

Shelf life :
Chocolate Butter Biscuits 3 Months
Cranberry Butter Biscuits 6 Months

Type of diet : Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian

Raisin Butter Biscuits :
The round-shape will bring you blessings. High-quality raisins are carefully selected for a rich, crispy flavour in every mouthful.
With every bite, you will get a hint of sour in combination with a creamy milk flavor. A joyful snacking experience!

Chocolate Butter Biscuits : A favorite of chocohalics! Not only will the cocoa powder tempt you everytime you bite into one of these biscuits, the evenly-spread chocolate beans will bring you an unforgettable flavor sensation. Not too sweet for the best choice at tea time!

Crisp and milky using pure natural cream.Featuring a dense, creamy flavor.Using traditional methods and high quality ingredients, the butter biscuits are brimming with happiness!