PN: 594003

B.L. Cheese Biscuits

Thick cheese sauce! 
Rich mellow flavour but not greasy.

Package : 180g (12 sachets/box)  
Shelf life : 12 months
Type of diet : Meat Diet

B.L. or "Bole" originates from a Taiwanese phrase.
It is our wish that every time you bite into a cookie from Fuyshan, you will enjoy a moment of happiness.
Fresh eggs and cream of "B.L. Biscuits" are carefully selected.
Handmade with a crunchy texture and dense flavor.
Gaze upon the true B.L. cheese crackers - Thick cheese sauce
A full brick of cheese is used for the crispy crackers and gives them a rich full flavor that is not greasy. 
With a suggestion of salty incense, people are greatly satisfied.